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Why You Should Never Buy Lists of Email Addresses

Why You Should Never Buy Lists of Email Addresses

Are you thinking of buying an email list? Well, you might think that buying an email addresses list is a quick way to get the business but the fact it’s a big mistake! You are basically wasting money. Often when we start a new business, we look for shortcuts to get success fast. And this is one shortcut that attracts most new businessmen. An email list consists of a name list, email address and some other data such as the company name/ income level. These lists are given for sale. Email marketing is one of the best ways to sell products and services online. But buying an email list won’t help! Here is the reason why buying lists of email addresses is a bad idea.

Top reasons why you should not buy lists email addresses

#1 You can never trust the quality

Most of the people who sell email addresses are actually not honest. Though they will make different promises, you will still face the following problems: incomplete or missing dataoutdated informationsome email addresses illegally are taken from web.

If email address harvested illegally from web, you can be subjected to penalties of up to sixteen thousand dollars per email address.

#2 You will have to face trouble with your service provider

When most of your messages get marked, you will get on the wrong side of your service provider. This means you can get fined, your account will get closed and in the worst case, your email service provider might take legal steps against you. There are certain email service providers like Aweber which considers buying email list addresses as a serious act of violation of rules. This is an act of spamming! It’s strictly mentioned in their service agreement that you are forbidden from buying, renting or leasing from any third party.

#3 You will be treated as a spammer

Well, we all receive unsolicited emails and none of us enjoys them. It’s more annoying when these are marketing messages. Most of the time you end up deleting them or you unsubscribe or at times mark them as spam.

Now what happens is that through your emails are well written or full of information, but from the recipient’s point of view you basically fall in the list of those unknown companies who are dropping into their inbox for some bargain. Now when people join an email addresses list which ends up getting sold to another firm, they typically have a glance at the terms & conditions on about receiving various offers from similar companies. It often happens that they actually forgot they ever did so and simply mark your messages as other useless spam.

#4 Others are also using the same email list

Ever thought that the same list which you are buying is bought by others also? This is a thing which you don’t often consider. Others buy the same list which you have bought and they end up sending emails to the same recipient whom you have sent. The list which you have newly bought is already pretty annoying for the recipients who are receiving emails from the same id for a long period of time. They even might have put filters to stop receiving emails from those emails addresses. So finally your emails are not even reaching them.

#5 Your response rate will go down and down

Suppose you buy ten thousand email list names. With a 5 % conversion rate, you are selling five hundred units of your new products. Well, that pretty impressive. But that’s not the reality. Basically, when you buy lists of email address, your response rate will be much lower than 5%. It might happen that the majority of the people are not even opening the email; forget about clicking on the sales page. Even if a minimum of five hundred people looked at your email, none of them got engaged with the offer. That means you don’t even end up selling a single product.

#6 Your overall reputation is hit badly!

Apart from your email service provider taking legal actions against you, buying a list of email address can even hamper your reputation. Reputation is a crucial thing to consider in online marketing. Just imagine someone is Googling your company and the first 3 results they get on the page are all about hate comments from the people who have received several unsolicited emails.

So say a big NO to buying email address lists!

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